t-shirt Mountain Mew t-shirt

[Supper nice] t-shirt Mountain Mew t-shirt

Unisex Sweatshirt front

Love Pokemon and puns? This Mountain Mew patch is right for you! It's made with polyester thread on heavyweight white 80% polyester/20% cotton fabric, using thick stabilizer, so it is very sturdy and not flimsy like some patches can be. If you prefer sewing on, I recommend using a denim needle since this is a thick patch.  When the Mountain Mew was a teenager with her sister Matazz who crossed the rainbow bridge. The were so attached. Mew mourned for months after she passed. The Mountain Mew stares at her empty bowl, then stares at me, then looks back down at bowl but she will NOT meow. It's all eye control and making me feel sorry for her. Yes my darling, I live to serve your every need.

[Supper nice] t-shirt Mountain Mew t-shirt

Babygrow front

Ok, what did Mountain Mew taste like, eh? It tastes pretty good, like..rare candies in space or whatever. And...did I see anything? Frick no. Why would I see something? Anyways..I'd rate it 89 out of 100 because it can be better. Would I recommend it? Sure. Is it my favorite drink?

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