I never dreamed that one day i'd become a grumpy old nurse but here i am killing it tank top, long sleeve

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One of my biggest “flaws” is the need to feel “useful”. If I don’t feel like what I am doing has a positive impact on others, I not only lose all interest, but I become depressed. I’d rather make a change that allows me to help others and feel good about myself again than to become a selfish grumpy old guy. Anyway, that’s my grumpy rant of the day… I have two thoughts on mine. You will never know how much of an impact you have on people’s lives until years down the road. Secondly, search God’s will for you! You can never go wrong. Being a big fan of giving back to the community; maybe you could use your business to raise funds for causes you feel need attention/help? or do what I do.. take homeless people extra clothes and feed them on my lunch break. You are a kind man, with a great mind and heart. I think you underestimate the daily impact you have in improving the lives of others by providing them with tone tools that truly bring them joy! You have art, and that art brings joy to others. You facilitate the music that can work to save people’s lives. Music has healing properties, and you help make the music happen. My advice to you is to keep doing what you are doing and learn to appreciate it again as much as others appreciate what you do. I never dreamed that one day i'd become a grumpy old nurse but here i am killing it.