[Lovely design] I don't need google my wife knows everything shirt and sweatshirt

Today, most people are depending on Google and the internet. Actually, I don't depend on it because I have my wife. I don't need google my wife knows everything. Like same Google, my wife good at everything.

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Google has become just about useless as a search engine thanks to algorithms that 1. Push a socialist agenda. 2. Spy on me constantly. 3. think they know me better than I know myself. Does anyone know of a search engine that does not do these things? I feel this same sort of censorship going on with youtube and facebook. I’m ready to shut it all down and go back to living like it’s 1976. Not going to tell you who to vote for you should make those choices yourself. But I do hope you did some fact checking and not from websites telling you about the candidates but from the candidates themselves. Vote on policy not party. Based on how things are going so well setting new records that are good, not bad I know what direction to look, just need the right people to get us there.

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